Publicēts: 05.07.2017.

With reference to article 6 of directive 98/26/EC on settlement finality, please be informed that on 25th June 2017 a compulsory administrative liquidation procedure was opened as regard as Banca Popolare di Vicenza S.p.A. (BIC code BPVIIT22) and Veneto Banca‎ S.p.A. (BIC code VEBHIT2M).

Starting from 26th June 2017 at 00:01 am a disposal of assets and liabilities has been adopted to Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. (BIC code BCITITMM) to allow continuation of operations (see D.L. 99 25th June 2017, published on the same day on the Official Journal).

The BIC codes of the two banks will remain operational in the payment system and will be operated by Intesa Sanpaolo.