Published: 02.12.2022 Updated: 25.06.2024

Obtaining authorisation is a regulated process whereby you can become a participant of Latvia's financial market and commence your business.

In order to become a participant of Latvia’s financial market, the following institutions are required to obtain authorisation:

The process of obtaining authorisation comprises several steps:

  • preparation for the submission of application,
  • submission of application,
  • assessment of application,
  • receipt of authorisation.

The website of Latvijas Banka contains detailed information on each financial and capital market segment, indicating what an entrepreneur needs to know and do at each stage when obtaining authorisation, which documents are to be prepared and submitted to Latvijas Banka for obtaining authorisation, what is done by Latvijas Banka and what are application processing times.

 Meeting with prospective service providers

The experts of Latvijas Banka offer advice to prospective market participants to help better understand the regulatory requirements on the process of authorisation, as well as to identify potential challenges when developing new and innovative products or business models.

Our experts offer:

  • to clarify certain aspects of regulatory requirements,
  • advice on the application of regulation at an early stage of development of an innovative product or business model.

Please apply for advice in advance to agree on the meeting time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +371 67 022 300.

We provide advice to prospective innovative financial service providers at the Innovation Hub of Latvijas Banka. We will help to figure out whether the intended new service or business model is likely to be subject to any financial sector regulation and what issues should be resolved by the authors of the business plan in the course of further development.