Published: 19.03.2019 Updated: 28.12.2022

Mission and vision

We work for the benefit of Latvia.

Our objective is a sound financial system, a developed country, and a prosperous nation.

We care about stable money and sustainable economic growth, for Latvia to develop as a truly prosperous European state.

Latvijas Banka makes up the backbone of the financial system – from cash circulation and user-friendly payment infrastructure to effective financial sector supervision.

We contribute to our currency's, the euro's, development policy in cooperation with other central banks in the Eurosystem.

We provide an independent, analysis-based vision for national decision-makers and educate the general public on financial topics to ensure that each and every individual has the skills to manage their money wisely.

Our objective is a smart and prosperous Latvia, a good place to live both for ourselves and our children. Today and tomorrow.


  • Brave in the face of challenges
  • United in humanity
  • Powerful in development

Strategic priorities

Latvia's financial sector must be secure and fully trusted by businesses, investors, partners, and the general public alike. The evolution of the financial sector must contribute to overall economic development.

The supervision of Latvia's financial sector must be carefully tailored within a risk based framework. It must contribute to the implementation of advanced financial technologies and innovative solutions in financial services and, at the same time, ensure the protection of the interests of the general public – users of financial services.

Latvijas Banka must be a thought leader in the area of economic and financial research and policy analysis in Latvia and a respected peer in Northern Europe, contributing to analysis-based decisions for long-term economic development and financial system stability.

The ability of Latvia's population to make sound financial decisions requires better financial and economic literacy of the general public.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity affect our planet – the economy and financial system included. Therefore, Latvijas Banka's operation and the requirements imposed on the financial sector must support the adoption of greener and more responsible decisions. Latvijas Banka must be a trustworthy negotiation partner, actively engaging the financial industry in working towards sustainability objectives and contributing to the establishment of sustainability as a principle in both corporate and risk management.

Latvijas Banka must continuously improve its technological infrastructure and data management framework to skilfully provide public good in all areas of its operations. Modern technology and optimized data use must contribute to the operational effectiveness of Latvijas Banka.

To effectively reach its defined objectives, Latvijas Banka must be an attractive employer and continuously develop its employees' professional skills and competencies.