Published: 01.02.2011 Updated: 08.01.2016

The Bank of Latvia observes the requirements for confidentiality of statistical information that are stipulated in the Law on the Bank of Latvia and Council Regulation (EC) No 2533/98 of 23 November 1998 concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central Bank (hereinafter, the Regulation).

I Concept of confidentiality

The term 'confidential statistical information' is defined in Article 1.12 of the Regulation. Pursuant to the Regulation, 'confidential statistical information' is statistical information which allows reporting agents or any other legal or natural person, entity or branch to be identified, either directly from their name or address or from an officially allocated identification code, or indirectly through deduction, thereby disclosing individual information. To determine whether a reporting agent or any other legal or natural person, entity or branch is identifiable, account shall be taken of all the means that might reasonably be used by a third party to identify the said reporting agent or the other legal or natural person, entity or branch.

II Provisions for the use and publication of statistical data

In respect of the dissemination of statistical information, Article 40 of the Law on the Bank of Latvia stipulates that the Bank distributes statistical information collected exclusively for statistical purposes in such a manner that prevents the identification, direct or indirect, of the person who has submitted the statistical report or any other natural or legal person. This article also provides for the Bank's rights to exchange information with certain institutions, where due account of the requirements of EU legal acts, including those of the ECB, is taken. The list of those institutions is given.

The Regulation provides for the procedure for the protection and use of the confidential statistical information collected by the European System of Central Banks (Article 8), as well as the rules for the exchange of confidential statistical information with the participants of the European Statistical System, e.g., Eurostat and the Republic of Latvia Central Statistical Bureau (Article 8a).