Published: 17.11.2022 Updated: 04.08.2023

The regulated market operator is a capital company that organises a regulated market and provides services related to the public circulation of financial instruments in accordance with the Financial Instrument Market Law, regulatory provisions of the Financial and Capital Market Commission, as well as its articles of association and regulations.

To obtain a licence for organising a regulated market, the market operator shall submit to Latvijas Banka a submission for receiving the licence listing all the documents specified in the Financial Instrument Market Law (Section 30) attached thereto.

The minimum paid up share capital by a regulated market operator shall be at least EUR 730 000.

Latvijas Banka shall examine the submission of a capital company for obtaining a licence and, within three months, take a decision after the documents prepared and drawn up in accordance with all the requirements of laws and regulations laid down in this Law have been received.

The Financial Instrument Market Law and other regulatory provisions regulating the activities of a market operator are available on the website of Latvijas Banka.