Working papers

Research enhances the adoption of quality economic policy decisions in Latvia and the entire euro area.

It allows providing a sound explanation of the current economic processes and the projected future trends by employing scientific methods. It also explains the possible alternative development scenarios in case the economic policy orientation changes.

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Discussion papers

The papers published in this series reflect the analysis conducted by Latvijas Banka and its conclusions. The papers are published to foster public debate on the issues vital for Latvia's economic development.

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Latvijas Banka maintains the quality of research activities by involving researchers in regular qualification upgrade and thorough assessment of their performance.

External reviewers from national central banks and academia of other countries are involved, the publication of research papers in internationally refereed journals and their presentation at international conferences and seminars are supported.

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Latvijas Banka maintains a range of the most advanced economic modelling tools in Latvia which are used to analyse current developments of the Latvian economy and draw up proposals for economic policies.

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Research seminars

Latvijas Banka organises research seminars several times a year. Their main purpose is to raise the qualifications of Latvijas Banka's employees; nevertheless, other interested parties are also kindly invited.

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