Published: 23.02.2016 Updated: 04.01.2021

To provide information on the tasks of Latvijas Banka in the field of statistics, Latvijas Banka publishes two programmes, the annual statistical programme and the medium-term statistical work programme.

The annual statistical programme of Latvijas Banka aims to provide information on the key tasks of Latvijas Banka in the field of statistics in the current year, types of statistics collected by the central bank for pursuing its tasks, the legal framework, frequency and timeliness for compilation of these statistics, as well as on providers and main users of the relevant data. The programme also contains information on the statistics that Latvijas Banka makes public pursuant to laws of the Republic of Latvia and to ensure continuity of publication of important time series or more user-friendly access to important information made public by the European Central Bank.

The medium-term statistical work programme of Latvijas Banka aims at ensuring transparent information on the planned activities of Latvijas Banka in the longer run for the needs of reporting agents, data users and other interested parties. The programme contains the principal planned tasks, a brief description of the task, the planned deadline, the result to be achieved, as well as the impact on reporting agents.

2021 Statistical Programme of Latvijas Banka

Medium-Term Statistical Work Programme of Latvijas Banka for 2022–2024