Published: 17.04.2019 Updated: 04.07.2023

Statistics on other financial intermediaries (OFI) reflect the balance sheet data of other financial intermediaries, except insurance corporations and pension funds.

Data in the statistical database INTS

In accordance with the data compilation requirements of the European Central Bank, starting with the data of the first quarter of 2024, the data on the aggregated assets of other financial intermediaries is available within the framework of financial accounts statistics.




Basis for the compilation of statistics in accordance with the ECB requirements

Guideline (EU) 2021/831 of the European Central Bank of 26 March 2021 on statistical information to be reported on financial intermediaries other than monetary financial institutions (ECB/2021/12)

Republic of Latvia legal acts governing data collection

Latvijas Banka's Regulation No 210 "Regulation on Compiling and Submitting the Statistical Data on the Financial Position (1-FP)" of 13 June 2022
Financial and Capital Market Commission's Regulation No 165 "Regulation on the Preparation of Quarterly Reports of Investment Firms" of 13 September 2022

Statistical data

Latvijas Banka's internet statistical database INTS, data tables, data archives, infographics as well as information on the published statistical data.

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