Published: 05.02.2024 Updated: 17.04.2024

Latvijas Banka grants access to the anonymised data of the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (the years 2014, 2017 and 2020) for research purposes. The data have been anonymised by removing information allowing for the identification of a person and information employed in the sampling process and by grouping the data.

The descriptions of indicators and their values are available in Latvian. The data cover

  • the calculated indicators (files D),
  • basic indicators on households (files H),
  • additional indicators on households (files H; available for the year 2020 only),
  • data on household members (files P),
  • the values of the indicators contained in the files.

To request the indirectly identifiable data for research purposes, you need to:

  • write an application in compliance with the requirements of Latvijas Banka's Regulation No 206 "Regulation on the Availability of the Statistical Data for Research Purposes" of 13 June 2022;
  • send the application to the e-mail address (please, indicate the subject of the e-mail "HFCS data request".

Currently, Latvijas Banka has not signed any agreements on the use of the indirectly identifiable data.

Currently, there are no publicly available results of research using the indirectly identifiable data provided by Latvijas Banka.

Please, use the e-mail address for your enquiries about the HFCS data.

The HFCS data of other EU countries are available for research purposes from the European Central Bank (more information is available on the website of the European Central Bank).

The European Central bank publishes the list of EU national central banks which provide access to selected microdata for researchers. The datasets that are available from each central bank are also listed. Researchers can also request microdata from the European Central Bank.

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