Published: 24.04.2019 Updated: 26.06.2024

Latvijas Banka currency laboratory specialists:

  • check the authenticity of all suspect counterfeit euro and other currency banknotes and coins;
  • provide an conclusion concerning any identified counterfeits.

All identified counterfeits are reported to the State Police for further investigation. The authenticity check is completed and a conclusion is provided to the requester within a period of one month (usually, within a much shorter period).

IMPORTANT – banknotes and coins can be submitted for examination at Latvijas Banka Cashier's Office as well as, at the moment, also at the nearest police precinct. Banknotes and coins submitted to the police are delivered to Latvijas Banka. Confirmed counterfeits are returned to the police and are not returned to the requester of authentication. Latvijas Banka does not exchange counterfeits for authentic banknotes and coins and does not compensate any losses incurred due to counterfeits.

When executing the respective transaction, Latvijas Banka will ask to present the passport or ID card. In cases where the customer for any reason refuses to present an identity document, the transaction will be rejected.