Published: 29.08.2012 Updated: 03.09.2012

The Bank of Latvia's statistical information that is published on the Bank's website, including the database INTS, is provided to users free of charge.

When using or reproducing the Bank of Latvia's statistical information, the following shall be taken into account:

  1. the Bank of Latvia shall be cited as the data source;
  2. statistical information shall not be altered;
  3. where such information is incorporated into media that are disseminated for a charge, the individual or legal entity disseminating the information shall notify the relevant data users of the fact that the information may be obtained free of charge from the Bank of Latvia's website or the database INTS.

The Bank of Latvia does not accept any liability in connection with third party publications where the Bank of Latvia has been cited as a source or where a link to the Bank of Latvia's website is incorporated. Likewise, the Bank of Latvia is not liable for the data compilations and charts produced by data users either by using the statistical information published by the Bank of Latvia or by using the tools in the database INTS for transforming the predefined tables, creating new tables and charts.

The policy regarding the reuse of ESCB statistics is available here.

Information for users of statistics

Information that contributes to a better understanding of the statistical data as well as to learning more about Latvijas Banka's planned statistical activities and the prepared statistics by familiarising oneself with the statistical programmes.

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