Published: 04.04.2015 Updated: 20.05.2024

The Macroeconomic Projections Report (ISSN 3044-702X) is published on a semi-annual basis.

The Macroeconomic Projections Report offers insights into the dynamics of the Latvian economy and encompasses the latest forecasts from Latvijas Banka on the development of key macroeconomic indicators.

The report covers the following topics:

  • global environmental challenges and the development of Latvia's trade partners,
  • monetary policy in the euro area,
  • financial conditions in Latvia,
  • fiscal policy in Latvia,
  • labour market in Latvia,
  • Latvia's gross domestic product and inflation,
  • development of sectors within the Latvian economy.

The publication is available in electronic format only.



The Macroeconomic Developments Report (ISSN 1691-5925), replacing the quarterly Monetary Review published since 1994 (2/2009 being its last issue) by Latvijas Banka, is published on a semi-annual basis.

Based on data from Latvijas Banka, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, the Ministry of Finance and the Financial and Capital Market Commission, this publication assessed developments of the external sector and exports, the financial market, domestic demand and supply, prices and costs, as well as balance of payments and provided forecasts for the economic development and inflation. The publication was available only in electronic format.

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