Current announcements for users of statistics, including methodological changes and data publication as well as Latvijas Banka's plans in the field of statistics.

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Statistical programmes

The annual Statistical Programme and the Medium-term Statistical Work Programme prepared and published by Latvijas Banka to inform the public of its plans in the field of statistics.

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Glossary of statistical concepts

Frequently used concepts and their explanation.

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Classification systems

Information on the European System of Accounts 2010 and the EU Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE), codes of countries, currencies and international organisations and lists of sectors of the Republic of Latvia.

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List of financial institutions

The list of monetary financial institutions, investment funds, pension funds, financial vehicle corporations and payment statistics relevant institutions.

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Information on how Latvijas Banka ensures the confidentiality of statistical information.

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Revision policy

General principles applied by Latvijas Banka to data revision or auditing.

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Use of data

Conditions to be fulfilled when using the data published by Latvijas Banka.

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Quality reports

Reports drawn up by the European Central Bank on the quality of euro area statistics that also include the assessment of the quality of the statistical data provided by national central banks.

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IMF's Data Dissemination Standards

Information on the International Monetary Fund data dissemination standards that ensure access to internationally comparable, reliable, timely and quality statistical data, as well as links to the statistical data of Latvia and other countries.

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Availability of Statistical Data for Research Purposes

Information on the indirectly identifiable data that are available for research purposes, on the procedure for submitting a request and on other related topics.

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Latest announcements


European Statistics Day 2023

On 20 October 2023, the European Statistics Day is celebrated for the...

Quarterly External Statistics to Be Republished

Due to technical reasons, the balance of payments, international...

Revised analytical accounts time series of Latvijas Banka will be published on 14 April 2023

To ensure consistency of various statistical data, revised analytical...

ECB publishes new climate-related statistical indicators to narrow climate data gap

The European Central Bank has published a first set of climate-related...

Latvijas Banka publishes its statistical programmes

Latvijas Banka's Statistical Programme for 2023 and Medium-Term...

Household Financial and Consumption Survey

Latvijas Banka has published the data of the 2020 Household Financial...

European Statistics Day

On 20 October 2022, the European Statistics Day is celebrated for the...

Payment statistics published in the database INTS

Latvijas Banka has started publishing payment statistics in its...

European Central Bank publishes an insight on the dynamics of the current account balance and trade in services during Covid-19 pandemic

The latest insight published on the European Central Bank's website...

Latvijas Banka starts publishing the List of Payment Statistics Relevant Institutions

Latvijas Banka starts publishing List of Payment Statistics Relevant...

Latvijas Banka publishes lists of financial institutions in a new format

Latvijas Banka starts publishing the lists of financial institutions,...

A new data source to be used for preparing balance of payments statistics

Starting with data for January 2022, a new data source – payment...