Published: 29.12.2022

Latvijas Banka's Statistical Programme for 2023 and Medium-Term Statistical Work Programme for 2024–2026 have been published.

The major development in the field of statistics in 2023 will be related to the integration of Latvijas Banka and the Financial and Capital Market (FCMC) and the new Law on Latvijas Banka taking effect. Therefore, the programme also includes resolution and compensation disbursement schemes statistics and supervisory statistics comprising the data collected by the FCMC that are processed, are received regularly and are structured.

The Medium-Term Statistical Work Programme of Latvijas Banka for 2024–2026 also includes tasks related to the integration of Latvijas Banka and the FCMC, thus also introducing changes in the statistical data collected and compiled by Latvijas Banka.

Information for users of statistics

Information that contributes to a better understanding of the statistical data as well as to learning more about Latvijas Banka's planned statistical activities and the prepared statistics by familiarising oneself with the statistical programmes.

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