Published: 24.01.2023

The European Central Bank has published a first set of climate-related statistical indicators to better assess the impact of climate-related risks on the financial sector and to monitor the development of sustainable and green finance.

The indicators cover three areas.

  1. Experimental indicators on sustainable finance provide an overview of debt instruments labelled as “green”, “social”, “sustainability” or “sustainability-linked” by the issuer that are issued or held in the euro area.
  2. Analytical indicators on carbon emissions financed by financial institutions provide information on the carbon intensity of the securities and loan portfolios of financial institutions, and on the financial sector’s exposure to counterparties with carbon-intensive business models.
  3. Analytical indicators on climate-related physical risks analyse the impact of natural hazards, such as floods, wildfires or storms, on the performance of loans, bonds and equities portfolios.

More information available on the website of the European Central Bank.

Press release by the European Central Bank.

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