Published: 14.12.2022 Updated: 31.05.2024

At the Innovation Hub, you will receive support at any stage of business development! Innovation Hub is a special contact point for FinTech companies and market participants to raise questions in the FinTech area and receive guidance on the compliance of innovative financial product, service or business model with licensing requirements, supervision and regulation.

Representatives of the FinTech field or those who have intended to start providing a new financial innovative service may receive free Latvijas Banka expert advice by phone, via email or arrange a meeting in presence or online.

The innovation support team includes Latvijas Banka's experts specialised in the management of different financial legal provisions and their interpretation in relation to innovative financial services. Where necessary, these experts contact with relevant institutions to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions in joint discussions.

What advice does Latvijas Banka offer?

  • We answer questions about whether a new service or business model could be subject to any financial sector regulation.
  • We explain the supervisory requirements for the regulated financial sector and their application and compliance policies.
  • We draw attention to the potential challenges that the initiators of business intent should solve in the course of further development.
  • We consult about the Latvijas Banka's approach to the introduction of innovative solutions, provision of financial services, monitoring, including the IT security.
  • We provide support regarding licensing issues.

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For further information please contact Latvijas Banka.

Contact details

  • Phone: +371 67 022 646
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.