Published: 28.09.2021

On Tuesday, 5 October, Latvijas Banka will offer 2 euro commemorative circulation quality coins in rolls on its website One coin is dedicated to the Latgalian ceramics (issued in 2020), and the other is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of de iure recognition of the Republic of Latvia (issued in 2021).

2 euro coins in rolls

NB! Coins will be available only on the website and only in rolls (one roll contains 25 coins). To ensure that the coins are sold to the widest range of stakeholders, the purchase limit for one buyer will be one roll of each kind of coins.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2 euro commemorative coin rolls will be available only on website from 12:00 (noon) on 5 October. It will be possible to receive the coins purchased on the website either by post (exclusively in the territory of Latvia) or to pick them up at the Cashier's Office of Latvijas Banka at K. Valdemāra iela 1B, Riga.

Total mintage in circulation quality: 400 000 pieces of the coin "Latgalian Ceramics" and 400 000 pieces of the coin "Latvija de iure 100".

To ensure an even customer flow, the collection of orders at the Cashier's Office of Latvijas Banka will be performed in accordance with a schedule, i.e., in the order confirmation, the customer will be informed of the date from which the ordered coins may be collected at the Cashier's Office.

Please note that if additional restrictions (such as a requirement for Covid-19 certificate) are imposed in respect of provision of services in Latvia, the procedure of collection of the purchased coins may be subject to change.

Information on the coins:

The 2 euro commemorative coin "Latgalian Ceramics" was issued on 5 June 2020, and the 2 euro commemorative coin "Latvija de iure" was issued on 20 January 2021. Due to the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, coins were available in circulation coin sets and gift packagings ((Brilliant Uncirculated quality)), but it was not possible to exchange coins to rolls or individual coins in circulation quality.

The author of the graphic design of the national side of the coin "Latgalian Ceramics" is artist Gundega Rancāne, while the author of the plaster model is Jānis Strupulis. The author of the graphic design of the national side of the coin "Latvija de iure" is artist Zane Ernštreite.

The author of the common side of both coins is artist Luc Luycx, and the material and size of the coins are the same as those of other 2 euro circulation coins.

The 2 euro commemorative coin "Latgalian Ceramics" is dedicated to the traditional pottery making developed in Latgale and Kurzeme for an extended period, but it is in Latgale only that it has been preserved down the ages and passed on from generation to generation. The national side of the coin features a candelabra – a typical Latgalian ceramic candle holder. The coin also bears the inscription "LATGALES KERAMIKA", name of the issuing county (LATVIJA) as well as the year of issue (2020). The coin has been minted by UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla (Lithuania).

The 2 euro commemorative coin "Latvija de iure" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of de iure recognition of the Republic of Latvia on 26 January 1921, at 5 p.m., when the Supreme Council of Allied Powers notified the Latvian delegation that Latvia had received the international de iure recognition. This granted Latvia the status of a subject of international law and opened the door for Latvia to enter the League of Nations. The national side of the coin bears the inscription "100 LATVIJA DE IURE" as well as the year of issue (2021). The coin has been minted by Staatliche Münze Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

Each year, every euro area country is entitled to issue two 2 euro commemorative coins of special design as well as one more commemorative coin within a joint programme of several euro area countries provided that such a programme is organised.

Latvijas Banka continues the tradition of minting circulation coins of special design in Latvia. Euro commemorative coins are legal tender in the Republic of Latvia and other euro area countries.

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