Published: 22.11.2016

On Wednesday, 23 November, Latvijas Banka is issuing a 5 euro silver collector coin "Janis Rozentāls". This unique silver collector coin featuring the popular painting "The Princess and the Monkey" in colour is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the prominent Latvian painter Janis Rozentāls (1866–1916).

Rozentals kart

The graphic design of the collector coin has been created by Sandra Krastiņa but the plaster model of its obverse – by Jānis Strupulis. Sandra Krastiņa is also the author of the graphic design of the collector coin "The White Book", but Jānis Strupulis has created the graphic design of the gold and silver coins "Gaff-sail Schooner "Julia Maria"" as well as plaster models of several dozens of Latvijas Banka's collector and circulation coins.

The coin "Janis Rozentāls" has been minted by Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (the Netherlands). The obverse of the coin depicts the space imitating the back of the painting divided into four fields and bears a facsimile signature of Janis Rozentāls and the seal of the Latvian National Museum of Art. The reverse shows a reproduction of Janis Rozentāls picture "The Princess and the Monkey" (1913). In the painting, a lavishly dressed young woman and a monkey hanging on to her string of beads are outlined on an ornamental background.

Janis Rozentāls became the most versatile artist of the turn of the 20th century, a popular and skilful portrait painter, a modern and enthusiastic proponent of the new aesthetic principles, whose creative activities influenced the development of painting, graphic and book art, theory and criticism of art. The 150th anniversary of the outstanding artist, which has been entered into the UNESCO calendar of anniversaries, is widely celebrated this year by organising a number of events. The silver collector coin of a special design, shape and size is Latvijas Banka's homage to this significant anniversary.

The collector coin "Janis Rozentāls" is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia, yet the release of such coins in circulation is highly unlikely, as they are in fact works of art and are in special demand among coin collectors and other interested parties. The maximum mintage of the coin is 7 000.

The price of the coin at Latvijas Banka Cashier's Offices is 130.00 euro. Beginning with 23 November, the coin will be on sale at Latvijas Banka Cashier's Offices (K. Valdemāra iela 1B in Riga and Teātra iela 3 in Liepāja); today from 11.00 it can also be reserved via the new collector coin and other numismatic product online reservation service under the Banknotes and Coins Section ( of Latvijas Banka's website This system provides the most important advantage for customers, i.e. they have an opportunity to purchase new collector coins and various numismatic products offered by Latvijas Banka in a convenient way in their own time without queueing. It is most likely to suit the needs of customers, e.g. from regions, who are busy on the initial days of launching a new coin or due to other reasons cannot visit the Cashier's Offices of Latvijas Banka.

The coin will also be available at such traditional points of sale as numismatic shops, book stores and souvenir and jewellery shops ( Collector coins issued by Latvijas Banka and other numismatic products are for sale also online from the JSC "Latvijas Pasts" at

Information about the collector coins currently on sale at Latvijas Banka Cashier's Offices is available at It shows that a vast range of thematically and artistically diverse collector and commemorative coins are still available.