As of 9 November 2010 EKS euro is SEPA compliant system, which ensures its participants' capability to send and receive euro payments within SEPA area - EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco. The EKS euro has been elaborated in accordance with criteria stated by the European Central Bank and the European Payments Council. The criteria cover certain payment handling, infrastructure interoperability and reachability principles, as well as open and fair market access principles. To ensure interoperability with other infrastructures of the SEPA and reachability of the EKS participants, the EKS exchanges cross-border credit transfer messages with the Euro Banking Association system STEP2 via the SEPA Clearer, the system of Deutsche Bundesbank.

On 3 August 2009, the Bank of Latvia addressed a disclosure letter to the European Payments Council stating its intent to make the EKS a SEPA credit transfer scheme compliant clearing and settlement infrastructure. The self-assessment of EKS SEPA-compliance conducted by the Bank of Latvia in accordance with the ECB Terms of reference for the SEPA-compliance of infrastructures is enclosed. The self-assessment ascertains the compliance of the EKS with SEPA requirements. In November 2010 European Payments Council published at the list of SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme-compliant infrastructures the Bank of Latvia as the EKS SEPA operator. The self-assessment of the SEPA-compliance of the EKS of the Bank of Latvia, meeting the ECB Terms of Reference for the SEPA-compliance of infrastructures, has been enclosed. On 19 January the Bank of Latvia updated the self-assessment of EKS SEPA-compliance in accordance with performed changes in the system related to the introduction of SEPA requirements.

The settlement procedure for the Bank of Latvia's electronic clearing system EKS is stipulated by the System rules for participation in EKS and Functional specification  (1.05 Mb) (in effect as of 9 December 2014).

EKS participants and addressable BIC list for settlement in euro

Updated 11 October, 2017

EKS clearing service

  Processing of SEPA credit transfer orders Accepts credit transfer orders with Latvian diacritical marks Direct participant
  Type of participation BIC Accepts all Accepts credit transfers only from EKS members
ABLV Bank, AS T AIZKLV22 ۷   ۷  
Akciju sabiedrība "Baltic International Bank" T BLIBLV22 ۷   ۷  
AS BlueOrange Bank T CBBRLV22 ۷   ۷  
Akciju sabiedrība "Citadele banka" T PARXLV22 ۷   ۷  
AS Citadele banka Eesti filiaal A PARXEE22 ۷   ۷ PARXLV22
Valsts akciju sabiedrība "Latvijas Pasts" N LPNSLV21 ۷   ۷ PARXLV22
AS Pocopay A AKELEE21 ۷   ۷ PARXLV22
Luminor Bank AS T RIKOLV2X ۷   ۷  
AS Expobank  T LATCLV22 ۷   ۷  
AS Expobank Kipras filiāle A LATCCY2L ۷   ۷ LATCLV22
AS Expobank Luksemburgas filiāle A EXPOLULL ۷   ۷ LATCLV22
Expobank CZ a.s. N EXPNCZPP ۷   ۷ LATCLV22
Latvijas Banka T LACBLV2X ۷   ۷  
Latvijas tirdzniecības flotes jūrnieku arodbiedrības kooperatīvā krājaizdevu sabiedrība "Jūrnieku forums" N LKJFLV21 ۷   ۷ LACBLV2X
Signet Bank AS T LLBBLV2X ۷   ۷  
Akciju sabiedrība "Latvijas pasta banka" T LAPBLV2X ۷   ۷  
Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību "Transferta" A TRSFLV21 ۷   ۷ LAPBLV2X
AS "Meridian Trade Bank" T MULTLV2X ۷   ۷  
AS "Meridian Trade Bank" Lithuanian Branch A MULTLT2X ۷   ۷ MULTLV2X
AS "PrivatBank" T PRTTLV22 ۷   ۷  
Akciju sabiedrība "Reģionālā investīciju banka" T RIBRLV22 ۷   ۷  
Akciju sabiedrība "Rietumu Banka" T RTMBLV2X ۷   ۷  
Rigensis Bank AS T RGNSLV22 ۷   ۷  
Valsts kase T TRELLV22 ۷   ۷  

EKS instant payment service

  Type of participation BIC Accepts credit transfer orders with Latvian diacritical marks Direct participant
Akciju sabiedrība "Citadele banka" T PARXLV22 ۷  
Latvijas Banka T LACBLV2X ۷  


T - direct participant
N - indirect participant
A - adressable BIC holder