Proxy Registry “Instant Links” – the online database for linking of a mobile telephone number (proxy) to an IBAN that available instantly 24/7/365.

 Within the framework of its Electronical clearing system EKS, Latvijas Banka offers additonal service – Proxy Registry “Instant Links” 

Proxy Registry “Instant Links” provides storage of credit institution customer account numbers and mobile phone number links. In addition, Proxy Registry “Instant Links” also provides storage and use of other identifiers associated with the customer client account (such as e-mail address, indentification card number) for easy making of instant payments.

The users of the Proxy Registry “Instant Links”links are credit institutions and payment service providers, which offer their customers to make payments without entering the recipient’s account number. Users just have to select a payee from the contact list of the mobile phone.

Only one account number can be linked to a singe mobile number, while one account number can be linked to more than one mobile phone number.

Customers of the banks enter their own mobile phone number in the Proxy Registry “Instant Links”links via their own bank, thereby enabling others to send them money more easily.

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Users of Proxy Registry "Instant links"

  User   BIC    Contact details for personal data protection
 Adress E-mail  Phone number 
 AS "Citadele banka"  PARXLV22  Republikas laukums 2A, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia  +371 67010000
Coop Pank AS EKRDEE22 Narva mnt 4, 15014 Tallinn, Estonia  +372 6690966

What is a payment to a phone number?

A payment to a phone number is a type of settlement that enables a transfer of money by means of a mobile application also in cases where the payee's current account number is not known. When making a payment, it is the payee's phone number that has to be indicated instead of his/her current account number. Such a payment is possible if the payee has linked his/her phone number to his/her current account in the Proxy Registry "Instant Links". Thus, it is no longer necessary to remember or rewrite the payee's long IBAN. One just needs to choose the payee from the list of contacts or enter the phone number manually.

How does money reach the account when making a payment to a phone number?

The phone number is linked to the respective current account number, and this instant link is registered with the Proxy Registry "Instant Links" maintained by Latvijas Banka. The credit institutions offering their customers to make payments to a phone number are the users of the Proxy Registry "Instant Links".

What is an instant link?

An instant link is a link between the customer's current account IBAN and his/her mobile phone number. The customers who have registered the links between their current account numbers and phone numbers with the Proxy Registry "Instant Links" can receive money also in cases when the payer indicates the phone number only.

Is registration mandatory to make a payment to a phone number?

The mobile application enables a payer to make a payment to a phone number even without registration. However, the payee is required to register his/her phone number, linking it to the current account the transfer will be made to.

Can a payment be made to a phone number of a customer of any bank?

To receive money on the current account via such a payment, the payee's bank has to join the Proxy Registry "Instant Links" of Latvijas Banka, and the customer has to create an instant link or link between his/her phone number and the current account number. Such an option is currently offered by AS Citadele banka only, but as soon as other banks join the Proxy Registry "Instant Links", customers of these banks will have an opportunity to send and receive payments using their phone numbers, including to/from customers of AS Citadele banka.

Can I link several current account numbers to one phone number?

No, one phone number may have an instant link with one current account number only since otherwise it will not be possible to understand which is the current account number money has to be transferred to.

Can I link my company's account number to my phone number?

For the time being, this service is available only to natural persons, and it is only one's own (natural person's) account number that can be linked to the phone number. Legal persons are expected to be able to use instant links at some point in the future.

Is it safe to make payments to a phone number?

Yes, it is just as safe as to make payments to current accounts. Payments are made via the bank's mobile application, and they are confirmed with a fingerprint, PIN or a code from another authorisation device. Also, it is possible to link the mobile phone number to the current account number in the bank's mobile application only. This makes registration safe and reliable. Latvijas Banka maintains the Proxy Registry "Instant Links" and safekeeps the link between customers' phone numbers and current account IBANs. This link is confidential, and information is available to Latvijas Banka only.

Is a payment to a phone number an instant payment or a standard one?

Since AS Citadele banka is the only credit institution that has joined the Proxy Registry "Instant Links" of Latvijas Banka so far, payments between the customers of AS Citadele banka are the only ones that are executed as instant payments, i.e. money reaches payees' accounts within 20 seconds. In the future, when making payments to a phone number becomes a common practice also between different banks, the speed of payment execution will depend on whether instant payments are made between the respective banks.