Published: 20.05.2021

The publication presents easy to understand statistics on inflation, using interactive visuals which allow inflation rates to be compared across countries and offer a more in-depth view of the various goods and services included in the “shopping basket” that is used to calculate inflation.

You can also calculate your own inflation rate based on your shopping basket of goods and services and compare it with the inflation rate for your country.

The publication is divided into four chapters, each with interactive visuals.

Chapter 1. What is inflation?
This chapter explains the concept of inflation, why the inflation rate matters and how and why it differs across countries and over time.

Chapter 2. How is inflation measured?
This chapter looks at the method used to calculate the inflation rate. It explains which goods and services are included in the calculation and describes the challenges encountered.

Chapter 3. Officially measured inflation and perceived inflation.
This chapter explores how people perceive inflation, compares perceived inflation with officially measured inflation and explains the differences between the two.

Chapter 4. Personal inflation calculator.
In this chapter you can calculate your own inflation rate based on the goods and services that you buy and compare it with officially calculated inflation rates.