Published: 04.01.2021

Latvijas Banka's Statistical Programme for 2021 and Medium-Term Statistical Work Programme for 2022–2024 have been published.

In 2021, there are two priority tasks in statistics; namely, to implement amendments to the requirements for payments statistics and monetary financial institution balance sheet statistics in compliance with the respective planned amendments to Regulation (EU) No 1409/2013 of the European Central Bank of 28 November 2013 on payments statistics (ECB/2013/43) and Regulation (EU) No 1071/2013 of the European Central Bank of 24 September 2013 concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector (recast) (ECB/2013/33). As a result, statistical data that are harmonised at the EU level will be provided for the purposes of oversight of the development of payment systems and payment instruments and for carrying out monetary and financial analysis.

The priority tasks scheduled for 2022 focus on statistics on insurance corporations, comprising the implementation of new reporting requirements and the commencement of the publication of insurance corporations statistics and the list of insurance corporations.