Published: 02.08.2018

As of 1 August 2018, Latvia adheres to the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus), becoming the seventeenth country in the world that implements the highest tier in the IMF's data dissemination standards initiatives.

Adherence to the SDDS Plus is the result of the joint work of Latvijas Banka, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, the Treasury, the Financial and Capital Market Commission and Nasdaq Riga: Latvijas Banka coordinates the implementation of the SDDS Plus, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia maintains the National Summary Data Page, and all involved institutions prepare and publish certain statistical data categories on population and the financial, real, fiscal and external sectors.

All countries adhering to the SDDS Plus have a similarly structured National Summary Data Page, which provides a user-friendly information on the major economic and financial data categories and on the institution responsible for each data category, as well as links to the data, including the data in a machine readable format, and to the metadata. With Latvia becoming an SDDS Plus adherent, the National Summary Data Page has been expanded to include a number of new statistical data categories: sectoral balance sheets, general government operations, general government total gross debt, other financial corporations survey, financial soundness indicators, debt securities, coordinated portfolio investment survey, coordinated direct investment survey and currency composition of official foreign exchange reserves.

Data and metadata for Latvia and other countries, as well as additional information are available on the IMF website of the Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board.

Latvijas Banka has a number of tasks that are vital for the functioning of the national economy and the financial system. One of the most important Latvijas Banka's tasks is collection, storage and processing of statistical data, as well as development, production, analysis and dissemination of statistical information. Latvijas Banka compiles monetary and financial statistics, banknote statistics, payment and payment system statistics, financial stability statistics, balance of payments and international investment position statistics, as well as gets actively involved in compilation of statistical data at the European level.