Hardware and/or software-related services, and data-processing services. Hardware and software consultancy and implementation services; maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral equipment; disaster recovery services, provision of advice and assistance on matters related to the management of computer resources; analysis, design and programming of systems ready to use (including web page development and design), and technical consultancy related to software; licences to use non-customised software; development, production, supply and documentation of customised software, including operating systems made to order for specific users; systems maintenance and other support services, data-processing services, web page hosting services (i.e. the provision of server space on the Internet to host clients' web pages); and computer facilities management.
The definition of the concept is consistent with Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (6th edition) of the International Monetary Fund.

Glossary of statistical concepts

Frequently used statistical concepts and their definitions that are consistent with those of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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Information for data user

Information that helps to gain a better understanding of statistical data as well as learn more about Latvijas Banka's planned statistical activities and the prepared statistical data by familiarising oneself with the statistical programmes.

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