The EKS is the Bank of Latvia's net settlement system, which is used to process bulk retail payments and provide the settlement of net positions. The EKS is a SEPA-compliant system enabling its participants to send and receive euro payments within the SEPA area. The EKS has several clearing cycles per business day.

The description is informational. Participation and processing of payment orders are governed by the "System Rules for Participation in the EKS" and "Functional Specification of the EKS".

The following entities are eligible for direct participation in the EKS:

The Bank of Latvia may, at its discretion, also admit the following entities as direct participants:
  • a treasury department of a central or regional government of an EU Member State active in the money markets;
  • a public sector body of the EU Member States authorised to hold accounts for customers;
  • an investment firm incorporated in the EEA;
  • an entity managing ancillary systems and acting in the above capacity.

To join the EKS, an applicant participant shall act as follows:

For more detailed information, please, contact the Payment Systems Department of the Bank of Latvia (e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).