Created on 07.06.2012

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new 1-lats collector coin "Riga Zoo". The coin has been designed by Ivars Mailītis and modelled by Ligita Franckeviča and Ivars Mailītis.

The Bank of Latvia collector coins are miniature works of art dedicated to the Latvian treasures: events, achievements, people, and the nation's cultural values. This year the Riga Zoo celebrates its 100th anniversary by actively participating in global and European programmes for the preservation of animal species as well as being one of the most favourite recreation spots for families in Latvia. The Zoo's collection currently comprises 3 200 animals of 420 species, and about one third of the species are capable of producing offspring. Over 90 of the species represented here are included in the world's list of endangered species while 30 have international pedigree records. The Zoo is a participant in 32 reproduction programmes of the endangered species of Europe.

The obverse of the coin features the main entrance gate of the Riga Zoo, with the inhabitants of the zoo welcoming the visitors. Images of seven animals are arranged in a circle on the reverse.

The Riga Zoo will hold the coin issue celebration at the Giraffe House at the Riga Zoo on 14 June.

The silver 1-lats coin "Riga Zoo" is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia. The maximum mintage of the coin is limited to 5 000. The coin will be on sale at the Bank of Latvia and such traditional points of collector coin sale as banks and souvenir and jewellery shops. Its price at the Bank of Latvia cashier's offices is 33.20 lats.

Information for editors
Money in form, collector coins are in fact works of art. They are usually made of gold, silver or other precious metals of especially high fineness. As opposed to currency in general circulation, collector coins are usually not intended to be used as a means of payment but as a gift, souvenir or collector's item. Consequently, the price of collector coins is considerably higher than their nominal value.
Since the re-introduction of the lats, the Bank of Latvia has issued 88 collector coins, of which many have won awards at the most prestigious international events of coin design art.