Riga, 3 December 2008 

Today the Bank of Latvia issues a new 1-lats circulation coin featuring a chimney-sweep on the reverse. The coin Chimney-sweep is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia. The coins will be put into circulation similar to any other currency in circulation - access will be ensured to trading and other companies and inhabitants through banks. 

The coin has been designed by artist Daina Lapina. This is her second work of art in coin design following the 1-lats coin Snowman issued in December 2007. The coin's plaster model was made by artist Laura Medne

The new 1-lats coins were struck by Rahapaja Oy, the Mint of Finland. 

The coins featuring a stork, an ant, a mushroom, fairy-tale character Spriditis, the rooster of St. Peter's Church, pretzel, a summer solstice wreath, a pinecone, an owl fibula, a snowman and a water lily are also circulated. These coins will also be issued in the future until Latvia has become a full-fledged member of the Economic and Monetary Union and introduced the euro. 

Chimney-sweep is depicted on the reverse of the new 1-lats coin. On the obverse, the mintage year 2008 is displayed beneath the coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia. The new coin has the same edge, size, material and weight as other 1-lats circulation coins. 

Total batch of the coin is one million and will not be replenished, as is the case with other special circulation coins. The maximum number of coins is fixed to satisfy those individuals who are interested in keeping these coins, which would rarely appear in circulation (payments).