Updated: 26.01.2011

Riga 26 November 2009

On 26 November, the Bank of Latvia issued a new one-lats circulation coin with an image of the Christmas tree on the reverse. It is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia. The coins will be circulated as any other, reaching shops and other businesses, as well as the population, through banks.

The author of the coin’s design is Arvīds Priedīte, its plaster model was made by Ligita Franckeviča.

The new one-lats coins were minted  at Staatliche Münze Berlin in Germany.

Circulated are also coins with the images of a stork, an ant, a boletus mushroom, Sprīdītis, St Peter’s spire, pretzel, Jāņi wreath, pien cone, broach, snowman, water lily, chimney sweep and Namejs’s ring  ( The issuing of such coins is expected to continue until the time when Latvia becomes a full fledged member of the Economic and Monetary Union and introduces the euro.

The reverse of the new one-lats coin features the Chrismas tree. On the obverse, under the coat of arms of Latvia the year the coin was minted, 2009, is featured. There are no other differences in terms of the band, size, metal used, or weight with the other one-lats circulation coins.

The circulation of the coin is one million and, just as in the case of the other special circulation coins, it will not be supplemented.

Description of the coin.