Riga, 12 April 2010

The Bank of Latvia today issued a silver collector coin "Declaration of Independence". The graphic design has been made by artist Ilmars Blumbergs and plaster model by sculptor Ligita Franckevica.

The Bank of Latvia collector coins are miniature art works dedicated to Latvian treasures: events, successes, people that are expressive of our culture. The newly issued coin complements the collection of coins dedicated to Latvia's statehood - fight for freedom, declaration of independence, rebirth of the state.

20 years ago, on 4 May 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR adopted a Declaration of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia. It was of great importance as proof of Baltic unity and carried the same weight for world democracy as the fall of the Berlin Wall. To change the fundamental law of the state, more than two thirds of the parliamentarian votes were necessary, and 138 of 195 deputies voted for Latvia's independence from the USSR.

The symbols featured on the coin "Declaration of Independence" - a branch with three opening buds and the image of Mother Latvia with a millstone - may bear a multitude of meanings to anybody who recollects the events of these days and contemplates Latvia's statehood and future.

The silver one-lats coin "Declaration of Independence" is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia. Its maximum circulation will be 7 000 units. Description of the coin. The coin "Declaration of Independence" will be available for sale at the Bank of Latvia and in the traditional locations where coins are sold: banks, souvenir and jewellery shops. Price of the coin at the Bank of Latvia: LVL 25.30.

Information for editors:
Money in form, collector coins are in fact works of art. They are usually made of gold, silver or other precious metals of especially high fineness. As opposed to currency in general circulation, collector coins are usually not intended to be used as a means of payment, but as a gift, souvenir or collector's item. Consequently, the price of collector coins is considerably higher than their nominal value.