Within the framework of its Electronical clearing system EKS, Latvijas Banka offers additonal service – Proxy Registry “Instant Links” 

Proxy Registry “Instant Links” – the online database for linking of a mobile telephone number (proxy) to an IBAN that available instantly 24/7/365.

The users of the Proxy Registry “Instant Links”links are credit institutions and payment service providers, which offer their customers to make payments without entering the recipient’s account number. Users just have to select a payee from the contact list of the mobile phone.

Only one account number can be linked to a singe mobile number, while one account number can be linked to more than one mobile phone number.

Customers of the banks enter their own mobile phone number in the Proxy Registry “Instant Links”links via their own bank, thereby enabling others to send them money more easily.

zibsaisu registrs iban bank lv eng jun 2019