Today, as a result of the final Eurosystem-wide "Euro Run" competition organised in Latvia, Krustpils Elementary School pupils were found to be the most knowledgeable euro area students in the field of money design and safety.

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The online "Euro Run" competition took place between 25 November 2015 and 25 February 2016. For the first time, the traditional euro area competition was organised by Latvijas Banka and the European Central Bank (ECB) to take place also in Latvia, with a special final competition held in Latvijas Banka, Riga. Teams of four classes from three schools – Krustpils Elementary School, Dzelzava Elementary School and Riga Secondary School No. 34 – participated in the final competition. The captains and members of these teams submitted the highest score not only among Latvian participants but also those of the whole euro area.

In the face of stiff competition, the first prize in Latvian final was awarded to the team of class 5.a, Krustpils Elementary School, with the captain Paula Krūmiņa, followed by the team of class 6.a, Krustpils Elementary School, with the captain Artūrs Dzerkalis (Ralfs Beinarovičs, the team member and the captain's classmate, was among TOP5 players in the euro area-wide online competition), the team of class 4, Dzelzava Elementary School, with the captain Rihards Pēčs and the team of class 5.c, Riga Secondary School No. 34, with the captain Jūlija Vaikute. The participants of the final competition received valuable prizes and awards from Latvijas Banka and the ECB.

At the award ceremony, Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, the Governor of Latvijas Banka, expressed his satisfaction with the achievements and excellent results of Latvian children in the Europe-wide "Euro Run" competition.

"There is a good saying – Latvia can do it! You should always live with this conviction in your hearts. We are neither bad, nor weak, nor uninformed," said the Governor of Latvijas Banka stressing the importance of a stimulating school environment and diligent learning. The Governor wished the children many more chances of representing Latvia in the world. Ilmārs Rimšēvičs expressed his hope that the subject of Economics would become more important in school curriculum and children would be taught about economic developments as early as in elementary school.

Overall, 11 242 pupils, mainly children aged between 9 and 12 (class 3 to 6), from all euro area countries participated in the competition. Among these, 22.8% or 2 563 players were from Latvia. It should also be noted that 47 of 100 players submitting the highest score in the online competition were from Latvia. Besides, our country was represented by nine of TOP10 players.

"Euro Run" is an educational and exciting game with its heroes Anna and Alex helping the police to arrest a banknote forger. It is through these events that they get to know their money better.

During autumn and winter, Latvijas Banka organised educational lessons for general education schools in all Latvia in order to educate pupils on the safety of banknotes and help them prepare for the game to successfully answer the questions on euro banknotes and coins. Overall, the lessons were attended by more than 3000 children from 64 schools in all Latvian regions.

While the Eurosystem, including Latvijas Banka, strives to ensure stronger protection of banknotes against counterfeiting, it also produces different informative and educational materials and organises events inviting citizens to know their money and protect themselves against counterfeits. Latvia is among the countries whose citizens feel well informed about the safety of money. This awareness and knowledge will be strengthened further by Latvijas Banka.