At the beginning of each month, Latvijas Banka compiles data on the volume and value of payments processed in the interbank payment systems: in the electronic clearing system - the EKS and TARGET2-Latvija.
For the statistical data and their analysis up to 2007 (inclusive), see issues No.1 and No.4 of Latvijas Banka's "Monetary Review" and as of 2008 - issue No.4 of the Bank of Latvia "Monetary Review", the Bank of Latvia Annual Report and the website of Latvijas Banka.
As of the second half of 2009, the analysis of statistical data is available on the Bank of Latvia website (see below).

Latvijas Banka's interbank payment system statistics
The data from January 2014 up to March 2019 (inclusive)

Bank of Latvia interbank payment system statistics archive in lats; in euro
The data from January 2000 up to December 2013 (inclusive)