FKS vardu-makonis

Financial accounts is a part of the system of national accounts, comprising outstanding amounts, transactions, revaluation changes due to exchange rate fluctuations, revaluation changes due to price changes and other changes in financial instruments broken down by sector and counterpart sector.

In Latvia, the quarterly financial accounts[1] are compiled by Latvijas Banka while the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia compiles the annual financial accounts[2]. The quarterly financial accounts data is compiled within a time period that does not exceed 85 calendar days following the end of the reference quarter starting from September 2014. 

Latvijas Banka publishes the quarterly financial accounts starting with the data for the first quarter of 2004 as per the data release calendar. Outstanding amounts, transactions, revaluations and other changes in Latvia's quarterly financial accounts as well as whom-to-whom data for deposits, loans, debt securities, listed shares and investment fund shares are released for each quarter.

Main principles for compiling financial accounts

Additional information about financial accounts available in the OECD e-book “Understanding Financial Accounts”

Data sources

Balance sheet reports (including appendices) of institutional units (see List of institutional unit data sources) are mostly used in compiling quarterly financial accounts. The following institutions provide date for the compilation of quarterly financial accounts: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB), Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and Latvijas Banka (LB).