The scope of the indicator

The outstanding amounts of deposits of resident financial institutions, non-financial institutions, households, non-profit institutions serving households and general government at the end of the month in monetary financial institutions of Latvia (except Latvijas Banka).


Funds that are deposited with MFIs for a specified or unspecified period of time, with or without interest.

Monetary financial institutions (MFIs)

Central bank, credit institutions, credit unions, money market funds (MMFs) and other financial institutions whose business is to receive deposits or close substitutes for deposits from customers other than MFIs and, on their own account, to grant credits and invest in securities; also e-money institutions, whose main business is issuing of e-money.


Clients other than MFIs (incl. general government, non-MMF investment funds, alternative investment funds, other financial intermediaries, financial auxiliaries, captive financial institutions and money lenders, insurance corporations and pension funds, non-financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions serving households).

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