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External Debt

Latvia's Balance of Payments Statistics Database is comprised of the balance of payments, international investment position, external debt and direct investment statistics. Since June of 2009 the statistical data on effective exchange rates of the lats are integrated in the database.

Latvia's Balance of Payments Statistics Database contains data starting from 1992. From 1992 to 1999, the data were prepared by the Central Statistics Board of the Republic of Latvia, whereas from 2000 by the Bank of Latvia. With international requirements concerning statistics changing, the level of detail provided has deepened; therefore, certain period data may be missing from some of the tables.

Latvia's Balance of Payments Statistics Database allows you to generate and download customised statistics.

The Bank of Latvia announces the launching of a new internet statistical database INTS on its website as of 7 March 2012. With this, the Bank of Latvia aims to provide users with modern, user friendly and adaptable means for data access using principles of Pivot tables, saving data requests and exporting data, as well as analysis of data using graphic tools.

At this stage, the INTS contains data on the balance of payments, the international investment position, direct investment, external debt and effective exchange rates of the lats. The Bank of Latvia will also continue the current publication of these data in the section "Statistics/data room/Main indicators" for three months. The database will be gradually populated with other data categories.


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