Published: 22.03.2021

On 22 March 2021, the Council of Latvijas Banka adopted amendments to the Regulation for the Credit Register and the "Regulation for Electronic Information Exchange with Latvijas Banka", thus expanding the possibilities available to the public with regard to receiving data from the Credit Register.

A person will be able to receive data about himself/herself from the Credit Register maintained by Latvijas Banka at the website by using secure authentication methods offered by credit institutions (e.g. online or mobile bank authorisation).

The Council also made several clarifications stemming from the experience gained during the Credit Register maintenance and following recommendations by the Credit Register participants. At the same time, the Council made a suggestion to supplement the Credit Register with the data entries "Cadastre number" and " Principal amount to be repaid for next 12 months", thus fostering a more efficient macroeconomic analysis of the real estate market and continuing implementation of the requirements of the ESRB recommendation of 31 October 2016 on closing real estate data gaps (ESRB/2016/14). 

The amendments will take effect on 1 April 2021, except for those pertaining to the reporting of the two new data to the Credit Register: their entry will start on 31 January 2022, thus envisaging a preparatory period of 10 months.

The Credit Register is a national information system developed and managed by Latvijas Banka. In the Credit Register, Latvijas Banka collects, accumulates and stores the data of the Credit Register participants and restricted Credit Register participants on their customers and customer guarantors, obligations of the customers and customer guarantors and the performance thereof. For more details on the Credit Register, please see