To inform the general public about the course of implementation of its policies and development of monetary and economic indicators, the Bank of Latvia regularly issues a number of publications, of which the most significant are the Bank's Annual Reports, Macroeconomic Developments Report, Financial Stability Report and Latvijas Maksajumu Bilance. Latvia's Balance of Payments.

This website also contains other publications dealing with various central banking areas, for example, oversight of the payment system in Latvia. Working papers and discussion papers reflecting the analysis conducted by the Bank of Latvia and respective conclusions prepared by the Bank of Latvia's experts are available on the Bank's website.

The section European Central Bank's Publications contains translations of the regular European Central Bank's publications into Latvian that are prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the European Central Bank. These publications in English and other European Union languages are available on the European Central Bank's website ( and the websites of the central banks of the respective countries.

Information regarding the Bank's publications can be obtained from the International Relations and Communication Department of the Bank of Latvia (phone: +371 6702 2428, +371 6702 2559, e-mail: