Published: 03.01.2018

Latvijas Banka began with the birth of free Latvia. While our granddads fought against the Bermont army, mothers, wives and daughters supported them at home establishing the Gold Foundation of Latvian Women. They donated their gold and silver valuables and family treasures to create a provision for defending the newborn state. On the basis of this reserve, Latvijas Banka, the stronghold of the financial system of the newborn state, was established. It took care of the monetary stability, security and economic policy, contributing to Latvia's growth and development into one of the most successful economies in pre-war Europe. This progress was cut short by occupying powers. Nevertheless, the restoration of our independence brought about the rebirth of the national central bank, one of the symbols of sovereign statehood. The capital donated by people of Latvia at that time is still in place as a reminder of our strength and ability to achieve result when we act together.

Today Latvijas Banka continues the mission it was entrusted with when Latvia was born. As in the past days it safeguards the value of the currency and long-term stability. Latvijas Banka both provides its independent outlook to those passing decisions in the government that will affect us all in the future and educates our young generation on financial issues. From cash circulation to state-of-the-art financial technologies and infrastructures – Latvijas Banka ensures currency circulation in this country and is its financial backbone. Since Latvia's return to the community of European economies our national central bank together with its counterparts in other countries makes decisions on the development policy of the European single currency.

The national central bank of Latvia will continue to contribute its know-how and expertise to strengthen Latvia's position in the ever-changing global environment. Whatever changes we might face tomorrow, our national central bank will always safeguard the stability and value of our currency. Latvijas Banka also continues to take care of the gold stock it is in charge of and to contribute to building the strategic reserves of Latvia. Given the above, we can be sure that Latvia is on its way to becoming even more competent, stable and wealthy in the future. Latvijas Banka's national mission is to make every effort to help Latvia be a free European economy where our children and us would have a safe and prosperous life.