Published: 11.10.2021 Updated: 22.10.2021

Following the recent changes in the epidemiological situation and the relevant regulations in Latvia, on-site services of the Cashier’s Office and the Credit Register of Latvijas Banka at K. Valdemāra iela 1B, Riga will be available by prior appointment only to Covid-19 vaccinated or recovered persons, i.e. those who can prove it by presenting a valid interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.

At the same time, we would encourage you to use the electronic services provided by Latvijas Banka.

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Detailed information on the electronic services provided by Latvijas Banka:

The Credit Register

Any person can receive the Credit Register data pertaining to him/her/it from Latvijas Banka free of charge:

  • electronically on the Credit Register website;
  • to the official electronic address, i.e. e-address);
  • as a direct mail delivery.

A natural person about himself/herself, a representative of a legal person about the business it represents and an authorised person holding an electronically signed power of attorney, may receive Credit Register data electronically immediately and free of charge by authenticating on the Credit Register e-service website using an online banking authentication, the mobile application eParaksts mobile or an identification card issued in the Republic of Latvia (eID card).

Latvijas Banka would send Credit Register data free of charge to the official electronic e-address of the customer or customer’s guarantor. The official e-address can be activated on the State Service Portal by authenticating with eSignature eID, eSignature card, eParaksts mobile. Latvijas Banka would send the Credit Register data in the form of an electronically signed document to the official e-address within one business day following the receipt of a person's application (the person shall submit the application from the official e-address).

Latvijas Banka would deliver the Credit Register data by registered post to an address in a European Union or European Economic Area country. Latvijas Banka would prepare the Credit Register data immediately after the receipt of the application in writing and payment of the postal service fee (for delivering the Credit Register data to the person). The application should be sent to Latvijas Banka's e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or as a paper document to the address K.Valdemāra iela 2A, Rīga, LV-1050.

For further information on receiving Credit Register data, see Latvijas Banka website

2 euro commemorative coins, collector coins and other numismatic products

Numismatic products can be purchased via and received by using delivery services of VAS Latvijas Pasts.

The website offers a wide selection of collector coins and other numismatic products issued by Latvijas Banka. Both individuals and Latvia's businesses can make purchases there.

Other cash services (authentication of suspicious banknotes and coins, exchange of damaged banknotes and coins, exchange of the lats for euro)

The on-site service is provided by prior appointment agreeing the time of your visit by phone +371 67022369. The customer  shall present a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate, and the on-site visit may not exceed 15 minutes.

To receive a service remotely, please contact Latvijas Banka by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; you will receive information on delivering banknotes and coins for authentication or exchange to Latvijas Banka by using mail services.

Exchanging euro banknotes and coins for other denominations

Service is unavailable until the situation has normalised.