Published: 16.08.2019

Acting in line with the Eurosystem regulatory framework and following the decisions of the euro area banking supervisors (the European Central Bank, the Supervisory Board of the Single Supervisory Mechanism and the Single Resolution Board) and the national supervisor (the Financial and Capital Market Commission), Latvijas Banka has suspended AS PNB Banka operation in the payment systems TARGET2-Latvija and EKS.

Furthermore, Latvijas Banka no longer issues cash against the bank's cash balance on its account with Latvijas Banka.

AS PNB Banka's participation in the monetary policy operations held by the Eurosystem and Latvijas Banka has also been suspended.

The above measures will in no way hinder the disbursement of the guaranteed deposits. The Financial and Capital Market Commission will duly take a respective decision.

For further information, please, refer to the website of the Financial and Capital Market Commission at